Golden Week – 50% off gold jewelry!

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Golden Week: Attention bargain hunters! Matching this year’s “Black Friday”, the Zümra Golden Week is already running, which brings with it big discounts on selected pieces of jewellery! You can find out what Black Friday and Golden Week are all about and how you can save at Zümra Juwelier in the following blog post.

Table of contents

  1. “Black Friday”: origin and meaning
  2. Zumra Golden Week
  3. Jewelery at half price
  4. Buy jewelry and save

“Black Friday”: origin and meaning

Why the 25.11.? Why exactly this one Friday in November? This is relatively easy to explain, because the annual bargain hunt comes from the USA and is always the first Friday after Thanksgiving. In the USA, the Friday after Thanksgiving is used as a bridging day and since then has indirectly been considered a pre-Christmas shopping day to get hold of the first gifts for loved ones. This Friday almost every company delivers unbeatable offers and discounts because people are in the mood to buy and are looking for Christmas gifts.

Term “Black Friday”

But why is this day called “Black Friday”? In fact, there are various theories and myths about the origin of the name. For one, there is a myth that the huge crowds looking for unique bargains look like one black mass when viewed as a whole. Another theory says that many companies are in the black for the first time as a result of the well-known shopping day, and that is where the name comes from.
In any case, one thing is for sure, everyone knows “Black Friday” and knows that you should not miss this day when it comes to larger and more expensive investments, because you can save a lot on the coming Friday. In Germany, too, there are hardly any companies that skip Black Friday. Customers are literally expected to go along with it. It is now so far that only very few actions related to “Black Friday” relate solely to Friday. The discount spectacle is often extended to “Black Weekend” or even “Black Week”.

Zumra Golden Week

Zümra Juwelier also offers you a one-time discount campaign with the biggest offers of the year on the occasion of “Black Friday”. As part of the Zümra Golden Week you can save 50% on almost the entire range! Jewelery made of fine gold is excluded from the promotion.
The discount is deducted directly from the purchase price and does not require a discount code or similar.

Golden Week: Jewelery at half price

As part of the biggest discount campaign of the year, you can save 50% on our jewelry! In addition to the price savings, we also give you the shipping costs and offer free shipping within Germany. Below are some examples of jewelry that are 50% off as part of Golden Week.

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Examples of reduced gold jewelry

585 gold bracelet zodiac sign lion with onyx stones
€139.50 instead of €279.00


585 ladies ring gold
Reduced from €162.00 to €81.00

585er Gold Anhänger mit Zirkonia| Herz

585 gold pendant with zirconia| heart
Reduced from €248.00 to €124.00

Buy jewelry and save

What are you waiting for? Secure your individual Golden Week offer now and treat yourself or your loved ones to unique, high-quality pieces of jewellery. With us you get many pieces of jewelry 50% reduced. The Zümra Golden Week runs until December 1st, 2022.

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